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    1. Which of the following best describes your job function? (choose one) 

    2. Please indicate your primary branch of government or business activity. (choose one) 

    3. Please indicate the stage in your career: 

    4. What is your age group? (choose one) 

    5. Which of the following topics or products do you plan to research and/or purchase in the next 12 months? (choose all that apply) 

    • Career within federal government
    • Career outside federal government
    • Health insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Estate planning/wills
    • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) investment
    • Retirement planning
    • College planning for family
    • College planning for self
    • First or new home
    • Used or new car/truck
    • Smartphone/cell phone plan
    • Home goods/electronics/appliances
    • Other (please specify)
    • None of the above